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Image of Philips Guide To The Night Sky

Philips Guide To The Night Sky

Takes the reader on a guided tour of the stars and constellations seen from the northern hemisphere, using easily recognisable key star groups to 'jump' from one area of the sky to the next. All stars shown on the maps can be seen with the naked eye.

Image of Philips Moon Map

Philips Moon Map

This large-format map shows more than 500 physical features - craters, seas, mountain ranges, peaks, valleys and rilles and the landing sites of unmanned and manned spacecraft. There are tips on observation, explanations of the moons phases, and a small...

Image of Philips Month-By-Month Stargazing 2017

Philips Month-By-Month Stargazing 2017

A month-by-month guide to the northern-hemisphere night sky for 2017, written by the internationally known astronomy writers and broadcasters Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest.

Image of Philips Planisphere (Northern)

Philips Planisphere (Northern)

Presents a practical hour-by-hour tracker, with a full-colour season-by-season guide to exploring the skies. Major constellations are used as signposts to navigate the night sky, introducing the novice astronomer to the joys of stargazing. The wallet...

Image of Philips Stargazing With Mark Thompson

Philips Stargazing With Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson has spent 30 years observing the night sky and has introduced many newcomers to the fascinating hobby of astronomy. In this book, he describes his stargazing experiences and shares a wealth of practical knowledge, together with many valuable...

Image of Philips Night Sky Atlas

Philips Night Sky Atlas

Fully revised and now in its third edition, Philips Night Sky Atlas by Robin Scagell is a practical star atlas that can be used anywhere in the world, any time of year. It features a sturdy, damp-proof binding, making it ideal for backyard astronomers,...

Image of Philips Astronomy Starter Pack

Philips Astronomy Starter Pack

A new edition of the exciting Philip's Astronomy Starter Pack, suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere, containing three essential items to introduce the beginner to the fascinating hobby of astronomy: a 'glow-in-the-dark' planisphere, an 80-page...

Image of Philips Complete Guide to Stargazing

Philips Complete Guide to Stargazing

Philips Complete Guide to Stargazing by Robin Scagell is an inspiring introduction to astronomy, providing all the information you need to explore the night sky. It goes into depth about the equipment you can use, giving practical advice on what to choose...

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