Image of BOSCH Athlet BCH6PETGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Red & Silver, Red

BOSCH Athlet BCH6PETGB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Red & Silver, Red

Top features: - Designed to help pick up pet hair and reduce pet odours - Up to 60 minutes of run time with a cordless, bagless design for ease of use - Suitable for use on all floor surfaces, making it easy to keep your home clean Designed for households with pets The Athlet BCH6PETGB is specifically designed to help clean up after your pets. It includes an additional brush bar which offers 30% better pet hair pick up and an extra filter to help reduce pet odours, helping to keep your home neat and tidy. The vacuum cleaner includes a flexible nozzle joint to make it easy to clean around furniture. You can even use it in a flat position, allowing you to clean underneath furniture with minimal hassle. Up to 60 minutes of run time With a Lithium-ion battery, the Athlet BCH6PETGB can run for up to 60 minutes from a full six hour charge, allowing you to complete more vacuuming without having to recharge. The bagless design makes it easy to capture dirt and dust. An electronic sensor constantly monitors the airflow - should it drop below the optimum level, an LED indicator advises you to either empty the dustbox or clean the filter to improve performance. Suitable for use on all floor surfaces The Athlet BCH6PETGB can be used on all floor surfaces, with a power brush for both hard floors and carpets. For added convenience, it's easy to remove hair or threads which have wrapped themselves around the brush, meaning that you can clean with confidence. An included accessory kit allows you to adapt the vacuum for use on stairs, furniture, curtains, lamp shades and even for cleaning your car. This makes it a versatile and practical addition to your household.

Price: £249.99 from Currys

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