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Image of Bowens Centre of Gravity Bar

Bowens Centre of Gravity Bar

Some large accessories such as softboxes or spotlights may have a different centre of gravity that can distort the Litelift. Using the 'COG' bar restores the centre of gravity to the correct position.

Image of Bowens Cross Mounting Bracket

Bowens Cross Mounting Bracket

Used for mounting Bowens Hi-Glide rails onto a ceiling cross beam.

Image of California Sunbounce Boom Stick for Pro and Big

California Sunbounce Boom Stick for Pro and Big

The California Sunbounce Boom Stick for Pro and Big is a 3 section boom pole for use with the Pro and Big frames and has a maximum working length of approx 3.9m and closed length of 1.1m. It can also be used as an extending boom arm for use with small...

Image of California Sunbounce Boom Stick Mini

California Sunbounce Boom Stick Mini

The California Sunbounce Boom Stick Mini is designed for use with the Micro or Mini Bounce and the Mini Sun Swatter. This 2 section boom pole has a maximum length of 219cm and closed is 108cm. It requires a Grip Head Enterprise or Swatty Grip Head to...

Image of California Sunbounce Griphead Enterprise

California Sunbounce Griphead Enterprise

The California Sunbounce Enterprise Grip Head offers an ideal way to mount all sizes (except 20 x 20 inch Sun-Scrim) of Sunbounce frames to a light-stand. The grip head's tunnel clamps are two different sizes to accommodate the two sizes of tubing used...

Image of Dedo 510mm Flexible Stand Extension

Dedo 510mm Flexible Stand Extension

This flexible friend simply pops on top of an existing lighting stand or other 16mm lighting stud, adding both reach and flexibility to the mount; enabling you to better pose a head or reflector.

Image of Dedo Dedoflex Holder

Dedo Dedoflex Holder

A flexible holder which attaches to your Dedo head, for safely securing panel reflectors and diffusers of around 30cm diameter. The flexible nature allows you to pose the light modifier to best illuminate the set.

Image of Dedo Dedolight Clamp

Dedo Dedolight Clamp

This handy clamp secures to shelves, poles, doorframes and more. It features a small shaft which locks in two positions and terminates in a standard lighting stud, enabling you to mount lighting heads or accessories almost anywhere! The clamp has a maximum...

Image of Elinchrom RQ Boom Arm

Elinchrom RQ Boom Arm

The Elinchrom RQ Boom Arm is designed primarily for use with the Ranger Quadra heads (other small lightweight heads can also be used). The arm extends from 63cm up to a maximum of 156cm and the rubberised grip means the light can be easily and safely...

Image of Interfit 2 Section Boom Arm

Interfit 2 Section Boom Arm

This Interfit COR757 two-section boom arm can be fitted onto the COR751,COR752 and COR753 lighting stands. The COR753 stand is recommended due to its wider leg spread, which provides maximum stability. The boom's counter-balance weight can be adjusted...

Image of Interfit Adjustable Reflector Bracket

Interfit Adjustable Reflector Bracket

This Interfit INT274 adjustable reflector bracket will hold your reflector firmly in place and the swivel joint allows you to precisely position the reflector exactly where you want it. The bracket attaches to any lighting stand (although larger models...

Image of Interfit Boom Arm

Interfit Boom Arm

The Interfit INT307 Boom Arm works in concert with the Flexi-Lite 5-in-1 reflector system. It requires an INT313 Eccentric Cam Grip to attach it to the panel and support stand.

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